June 20, 2018
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Zarin Iran   Zarin Iran  
Establishment: 1984 Capacity: 8000 tons/year Number of Staff: 1000 persons Field of Activity: Manufacturer and exporter of premium quality porcelain tableware for Homes, Hotels, Restaurants and Airlines Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries is the largest and most technologically advanced fine porcelain manufacturer in Iran & the Middle East. The company enjoys the latest technology and findings in the field. Due to specific manufacturing process and high temperature of firing ( 1400 oc ), Zarin Iran is able to produce Fine Hard porcelain, being the ultimate ceramic tableware. We offer a wide range of high quality porcelain dinnerware, from simple to intricately decorative yet suitable for a broad scope of tastes, from classic to the most modern contemporary designs. We also produce Inglaze decorated chinaware that are absolutely microwave and dishwasher safe. While our primary export market is Europe, we have been exporting our products to over 20 countries in four corners of the globe and because of which Zarin has been selected as the exemplary exporter of the country by Iran s ministry of commerce several times. Zarin iran has also been awarded by Iran s Ministry of Industries as well as Iran s Chamber of Industry and commerce for being the exemplary manufacturer of the  ...

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Address State Tehran, Tehran, No 29, Vanak St., Vanak Sq
phone +9821-88770044 fax +9821-88663099
Email info@zariniran.com website www.zariniran.com
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